Marzemino King Lagarino

Our lively Marzemino, native of the house, born and bred in Val Lagarina, its own land par excellence in the Perer vineyard.

Val Lagarina’s first rays of sunlight light up the Marzemino vines which look out onto Mount Finonchio and Pasubio from a splendid position to the East. The valley lying at the feet of the mountains with its bell towers and towers of Isera and Sacco in the foreground, and then those of Rovereto in the background and Castel Corno towering above.

The healthy and airy climate and rocks and stone in the clayey soil give a special flavour to the wine type and matchless colours in other territories.

Marzemino in rhyme with “vino” and “Trentino” …….is surprisingly suited to this Lagarino land! Resistant to the rigours of winter, yet sensitive to the wind which in spring drastically cuts down the number of the delicate shoots thus heavily reducing productivity.

Marzemino, a late ripening grape with bunches of tempting, refreshing and tasty berries …an irresistible temptation for grape harvesters. Truly crunchy grapes with an intense taste and scent of cherries, a fruit that reappears unmistakably in the wine together with the floral scent of Parma violets