“Pergole”… new and old… signed Longariva

The vines at the Pergole vineyard sink into the clayey soil of Borgo Sacco and into the history of Longariva. The vines were planted by Ettore, Marco’s father and they are old French clones which are now untraceable in vine nurseries.

As a witness of their long history, we can see trunks, at times curved and prostrated by age and also several missing vines here and there.

As not to lose its unique characteristics, we have carried out an accurate selection on six hundred vines in four years and in the pre-harvest stage we picked out the six clones best for production balance and grape quality.

With the shoots, in the winter of 2004, we produced our new little vines of “PERGOLE LONGARIVA”.

They are all planted out now in Collina Zinzèle and the original vineyard characteristics will renew and continue in time: old and new grapes, …..exclusively Longariva. Thanks to these ancient clones, our PERGOLE is a Pinot bianco of unique and inimitable characteristics: the scent is incredibly of nuts and yellow and tropical fruit (bananas, mango, papaya), very creamy, long lasting and pleasant, it is a joy to drink.