A little chitchat with the vine grower


“Wine is the soil’s greatest product. It is alive, changeable and palpitating, full of emotion…it evolves and improves with age. Just like us…… it is impulsive, unstable, aggressive in youth but then it harmonizes and becomes more balanced and refined in maturity.

To be a creator and part of such a creative process (and to sense the wine’s walk of life) is the same emotion that I feel when I renew or make a new vineyard. This is where a vine-grower’s mastery is put to the test…from every single plant planted.

To be an attentive and alert vine-grower, and a passionate wine expert at the same time is quite hard work, but also a great privilege.

Creating a great wine..….. is to smell the aromas of my soil in my glass (from the bitter cold winter mornings to the muggy summer evening sunsets up until the perfume celebration of the grape-harvest days when the crunchy grapes arrive at the cellar just before dark) …..reminiscing our last vintage and finding it all over again when the wine forms its body and soul, its identity and only with regards to that soil.

Vigneto Perer and Collina Zinzèle are my soil: each one has its own proper character and each one can be defined as its perfume immediately fills up your nose.

For this reason, I have always renounced putting grapes together, therefore I make wine by separating the varieties that come from single vineyards and maintaining the wine’s identity. This becomes quite a long and hard process, but this is deep respect for the feeling of each vineyard and each soil.”

Marco Manica nel vigneto di Collina Zinzèle