Vine & Wine living the seasons

“To cultivate land is to protect its integrity, it is to share harmony and beauty at different times of day and seasons…. it is to feel part of its life cycle. “ Marco and Rosanna, vine-growers LONGARIVA

Vine-growers for passion

Hello, we are Marco and Rosanna of the Azienda Agricola Longariva, Vine-growers for passion, in love with our work and above all with the soil that we cultivate.

Marco is the driving force, the craftsman … the creator of the grapes and the wine. Rosanna looks after presenting the products, the image of the bottles and the azienda.

We aren’t a centuries old wine-making tradition, we started as wine growers in the harvest of 1976, inheriting this passion and tradition mainly from our family farm workers of yore.

Making wine is our life and we dedicate the utmost attention to the environment and to the right rhythm of nature. We like to match a philosophy on how we work together with agronomic innovation only to present our wines anchored to our local history and authentic expression of our land to a wider market.

And just to top it up, we have added our own photos to the website so that you can experience the rural Lagarina through the different seasons.

We hope that our website will convey our passion and love for the soil around us, and that you will be able to share this with us, that is to say our wines. We really do wish this from the heart and we raise our glasses together with you!

Marco & Rosanna Manica

The territory and the Azienda

Trentino is our territory, Val Lagarina our sunny valley, the vineyards our passion and the wines … a pleasure to convey and share.

Mounts Baldo, Zugna, Biaena, Stivo and Cornetto form a frame around the vineyards. The River Adige, our silver shining ribbon-like water that runs through the valley and then the afternoon “L’Ora” wind that blows in off Lake Garda keeping our climate dry and the vineyards healthy.

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La cantina Longariva a Rovereto
Vigneto Perer Vigneto Perer
Marzemino King Lagarino Marzemino King Lagarino
Collina Zinzèle Collina Zinzèle
"Pergole" new and old

Our grapes

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I vini Longariva dalla Collina Zinzèle

A little chitchat with the vine grower

“Wine is the soil’s greatest product. It is alive, changeable and palpitating, full of emotion…it evolves and improves with age. Just like us…… it is impulsive, unstable, aggressive in youth but then it harmonizes and becomes more balanced and refined in maturity.

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Zinzèle…..a dream in a glass

I am a lucky man …. I am a vine-grower “for passion” … I do it not because I have to or because of inheritance, but because it is something that I have chosen to do of my own free will and therefore … for passion.

This gives me the opportunity to cultivate together with my wife Rosanna, who shares this passion with me, and projects and dreams too.

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Marco Manica ed il suo vino Zinzèle

Our oaks …… or truly a passion for Reserves and Selections.

“A wise way of using oak gives wine a synergy and fusion of aromas, flavours and culture …. between the spicy heat in the southern part of the world and the fruity freshness of the more northern regions. This creates original and harmonious emotions.” This is what Marco and I believe, and this is our azienda’s philosophy, too: to refine and enrich our Reserves ….prolonging their lifetime.

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Feel at home in our cosy “stube”

Rovereto our town, a cultural centre and Sacco, an old river port town for rafts travelling from up north on the River Adige.

Come and visit us

Le stagioni nel vigneto Longariva



The farmers embroider the soil… rows of macramé.

Spring in the country is the comeback of life and colours. It always takes you by surprise and even whilst working you find yourself chasing its exuberance.
After pruning and tying up all the shoots, followed by cutting off the vine branches that bring in organic substances to the soil along with the manure wherever needed in the vineyards.

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The farmers watch over the unripe grapes… patiently waiting for the colours of the sun.

Summer in the country is the season of vitality and exuberant energy, from its excess temperatures to its sharp colours…. In the vineyard this is the most important season: the quantity of sunlight, together with the right amount of rain will determine the quality of the grapes and the wine vintage

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The farmers thank the soil… fruits of love and perspiration

Autumn, harvest time, the final target and synthesis of all the work in the vineyard…. from the pruning to the manuring, from leaf-stripping to pruning grapes ….. if all this work is done with care combined with a dry and sunny climate the grapes will not drop off so easily in the vineyards, so the fruit will then be richer in taste and scent: crunchy grape skin, crunchy grape-seed.

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The farmers cradle the soil that sleeps… together they dream of a green spring

Winter in the vineyard is the season of silence, of muffled sounds, and of cold and subdued colours. And, when the snow comes with its dazzling whiteness, its soft cover gently warms up the ground’s slumber. The snow in the vineyard is sent from heaven. The ground conserves the heat and humidity of its roots which are not so afraid of low temperatures as they are to those of cold icy northern currents and lack of rain. Whilst the soil allows itself to rest, we dedicate ourselves to the cellar

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Longariva News

Slow Wine Fair

Slow Wine Fair

Longariva at

SLOW WINE FAIR Bologna from 26.02.2023 to 28.02.2023 Stand S 5 – P 20.

MERCATO FIVI 2023 Fiera di Bologna from 25.11.2023 to 27.11.2023

Marognon Cabernet Sauvignon 2016  Top Wine Guida Slow Wine 2023

Marognon Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 Top Wine Guida Slow Wine 2023