Our oaks …… or truly a passion for Reserves and Selections.

“A wise way of using oak gives wine a synergy and fusion of aromas, flavours and culture …. between the spicy heat in the southern part of the world and the fruity freshness of the more northern regions. This creates original and harmonious emotions.” This is what Marco and I believe, and this is our azienda’s philosophy, too: to refine and enrich our Reserves ….prolonging their lifetime.

400 small barrels live and evolve in our oak room. Only a small part is dedicated to white wine (5-10%), and the rest predominantly to red wine.

It is Marco and Loris’s kingdom, our winemaker who helps us choose and taste: care and sensitivity for the cellar is refining as a great wine.

Here are some notes from our single Longariva Reserves:

Praistèl Chardonnay ferments and ages in mainly new and French barriques, including malolactic fermentation for twelve months with sur-lies twice a week.

For Marognon Cabernet Sauvignon …… only small new barrels of French, Hungarian and American oak, malolactic fermentation and ageing of 24-30 months in wood.

For Tovi Merlot we use both new and only once used, medium toasted, French and Hungarian barriques. Malolactic fermentation in barriques, ageing for 18-24 months.

Zinzèle Pinot nero matures in only French and only new, medium toasted barriques for 26-30 months with malolactic fermentation in barrique.

Quartella Cabernet franc stays in both new and only once used barriques (American, Hungarian and French oak) for 24 months with malolactic fermentation in the wood.

Our Migoleta, of late/dried grapes, ferments and ages in French oak (new barrels); the length of time it remains in the wood depends on the development of the wine and on the characteristics of the vintage.