Zinzèle…..a dream in a glass


I am a lucky man …. I am a vine-grower “for passion” … I do it not because I have to or because of inheritance, but because it is something that I have chosen to do of my own free will and therefore … for passion.

This gives me the opportunity to cultivate together with my wife Rosanna, who shares this passion with me, and projects and dreams too.

Making wine that represents your land, your way of cultivating it along with your way of understanding and living wine, this is making a dream come true.

Being the driving force behind the creative process to what is in a glass and to feel what course of life the future holds for the wine is the greatest honour for a vine-grower.

And … as for a vine-grower like myself…. no other wine is more wine, no other wine is more alive than Pinot nero.

As a plant, Pinot nero is difficult to cultivate, quite problematic during harvest time, sensitive to too much heat and afraid of too much rain, too.

You can make a thin wine or a great wine: it all depends on you and on your wine project.

It puts all your skills and abilities as a vine-grower and wine-maker at stake: when to pick the grapes and how to select the grapes, the research of suitable wood and how much time will be needed for ageing and refining.

Pinot nero nourishes on wood giving the wine a long life, rousing organoleptic characteristics.

It is a continuous challenge, to be neck and neck with its personality and yours.

Every vintage is a story, every taste a surprise, …..because the evolution of a Pinot nero created to last, is like a swing with opening and closing phases… patiently waiting for finesse and elegance…… that only a Pinot nero can give.

Perhaps because it is the least tamable of wines, it is the one which charms and captivates the most… and as it has a longer life than the other wines, we can’t help but have stronger and more intense feelings towards it.

This is my Zinzèle, my Pinot nero.

Zinzèle Pinot Nero