The territory and the Azienda

Trentino is our territory, Val Lagarina our sunny valley, the vineyards our passion and the wines … a pleasure to convey and share.

Mounts Baldo, Zugna, Biaena, Stivo and Cornetto form a frame around the vineyards. The River Adige, our silver shining ribbon-like water that runs through the valley and then the afternoon “L’Ora” wind that blows in off Lake Garda keeping our climate dry and the vineyards healthy.

Our azienda is in the heart of Vallagarina, between Rovereto and Isera, par excellence wine-growing and producing ground of which we are highly proud.

Our vineyards, distributed between hills and foothills stretch over an area of about thirteen hectares and are cultivated on low rows of vines and simple Trentino style pergola. Our selection of grapes for our wines are exclusively produced and grown on Zinzèle hill and Perer Vineyard with the historical “Cesure”.

Our range of wines faithfully respect the year and toponym of the land of origin: from the TOVI, QUARTELLA, MAROGNON, ZINZÈLE, PRAISTÈL and TRE CESURE Reserves to the copper-coloured GRAMINÉ, to the fruity Chardonnay and Pinot grigio PERER and Pinot bianco PERGOLE, and to conclude the aromatic CASCARI and the lively Marzemino AI DOSSI and LAGREIN. And last but not least our late harvest MIGOLETA, that tells us what great potential Zinzèle hill holds, a real and true paradise of which we are so fortunate to watch over.

La Cantina dell'Azienda Agricola Longariva