Tender Spring Emotions

Tender Spring Emotions

Trout and Char Carpaccio

Gnocchi in a cheese sauce and…Pinot Grigio Perer


Elderflower Fritters

Asparagus with Egg Sauce and…Cascari Sauvignon


Lemon & Olive oil Swordfish Carpaccio

Mixed Fish Skewers, Fresh Green Salad and…Pergole Pinot Bianco


Fresh cherry tomato Pizza

Artichoke Heart Pizza

Shrimp and Courgette Pizza

Chicken salad and…Graminé


Penne with Ricotta and Bottarga

Polenta, Grilled Cheese, Gorgonzola and…Praistèl Chardonnay Riserva


Anchovies in Lemon Marinade

Mixed Fried Seafood

Scrambled eggs with Fresh Spring Herbs and…Chardonnay Perer


Polenta and Roasted Baby Goat… on Easter Day

Tagliatelle with Lamb Ragù and…Tre Cesure Riserva


Easter Italian Cake – “Colomba”

Pineapple Cake,

Migoleta …and a bouquet of perfumed violets from Zinzèle