Warm winter delights

Warm winter delights

Octopus Salad

Spinach gnocchi in melted butter & and sage and…..Perer Pinot grigio


Salmon Canapé

Parmesan and Pear Risotto and…..Graminè


Cheese Fondue with Truffle

Escargots à la Bourguignonne and…..Praistèl Chardonnay Riserva


Mixed boiled meat with peverada sauce

Tuscan emmer soup

Fillet of beef with green pepper and…..Quartella Cabernet Riserva


Polenta and sausage

Smoked loin of pork with sauerkraut from the Gresta valley

Cotechino, lentils and prosperity with…..Ai Dossi Marzemino


Salmì of Venison with polenta gialla di Storo or

Stewed venison with potato polenta and…..Marognon Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva


Braised beef with mashed potato and turnip à la Trentina

Roast guinea-fowl with mushrooms, polenta and……Tre Cesure Riserva


Quince jam and a selection of cheese

Almond macaroon tart

Sicilian orange cake,

Migoleta ……two glasses, the warmth of an open fireplace and……HAPPY NEW YEAR!