Fresh Summer Evenings

Fresh Summer Evenings

Fried leaves of sage

Green salad with pieces of tropical fruit and fresh goat’s cheese

Tuna and veal roulades and ….Cascari Sauvignon


Vegetables in batter, grilled peppers & courgettes

Italian Bruschetta & Greek Salad

Octopus Salad and ….Pergole Pinot Bianco


Gnocchetti di pane with fresh herbs

Raw fish, vegetable omelette & crostini with shrimps and ….Pinot Grigio Perer


Crustacean Risotto, stuffed squid, tomato linguine, broad bean pasta, fish soup, cuttlefish with peas and ….Graminé


Alpine char fish and crayfish

Savoury strudel with fresh vegetables from the Gresta Valley

and ….Chardonnay Perer


Fillet of Deer with fruits of the forest sauce and …. Zinzèle


Crinkly endive sprinkled with melted blue cheese

Penne with taleggio cheese & spring onions and ….Praistèl


Migoleta and ….Buckwheat cake with fruits of the forest jam

Apricot tart

or…… just Migoleta with a crescent of moon over Lake Garda