Vigneto Perer

Vigneto Perer is our historical vineyard: in fact, the average age of vineyards is about twenty years old.

Situated in “Longariva”, between Borgo Sacco and San Giorgio in the municipality of Rovereto, it is an area of about six hectares and cultivated on simple Trentino style pergola.

The vineyard is of alluvial and clayey soil, with limestone and pebbles which make it permeable to rain water; especially suited to Pinot Grigio and Merlot grapes, the suspended part of the pergola is south facing and there is the constant Vallagarina breeze that blows along the River Adige.

It is from here where our most fruity whites come from: Chardonnay Perer, Pinot Grigio Perer, the copper-coloured Graminè Pinot Grigio and …… three red Reserves: Tovi, Marognon and Quartella, respectively Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.


Le Cesure

In the bordering areas of Vigneto Perer, the best plots of land had already been chosen and honoured in the past: they are the typical “Cesure”, still intact, completely closed off and surrounded by high stone walls, as used in the past to protect the soil and the finest varieties.

From the selection of the Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes from our SS. Trinità, Versini and Crocefisso Cesure, we get our Tre Cesure Longariva, a house cuvée, our first harvest back in 1976.

Marco Manica dell'Azienda Agricola Longariva con i prodotti del Vigneto Perer

Product of our lands

Tre Cesure Longariva

Marognon Cabernet Sauvignon

Quartella Cabernet

Tovi Merlot

Ai Dossi Marzemino


Perer Pinot Grigio

Perer Chardonnay