Collina Zinzèle

Collina Zinzèle is a vineyard of about four hectares of densely planted low rows of vines at 380m above sea level, just a little above the conoid of Sano, a village in the municipality of Mori.

After reclaiming an old terraced vineyard in 1991, we have this remarkable eye-catching vineyard in densely planted rows of 25.000 vines: the rows of vines growing on the steepest side of the slope religiously follow the natural curve of the hill, lying on the slope of Mount Giovo which lean out towards Loppio valley and the mountains that encircle the Trentino side of Garda.

There is a limited yield stock of superior grapes from every vine and therefore per hectare: our selection is Cascari Sauvignon bianco, Zinzèle Pinot nero, Praistèl Chardonnay and Migoleta, the late harvest.

In the Collina Zinzèle wines you are sure to discover the enchantment of a rare and unusual place and pure beauty in your glass.

La collina Zinzèle

Product of our lands

Migoleta Moresca

Migoleta Classica

Lagrein Vallagarina

Pergole Pinot bianco

Cascari Sauvignon

Praistèl Chardonnay

Rosa di Rosanna Pinot nero

Pinot nero Collina Zinzèle

Zinzèle Pinot nero